Uganda’s wonder attractions

A tourist in Uganda will be spoilt for choice as regards to which natural attraction to go. This is because the East African country is packaged with lakes, snowcapped mountains, 10 national parks, friendly people speaking over 56 languages and different cultures, etc. Listed below are some of the attractions you can experience.

Uganda’s great Lakes

Uganda has the world’s second largest fresh water Lake Victoria also known as Nalubaale which next to Kampala city. Uganda is a home to Africa’s deepest Lake, Lake Bunyonyi in the south west. There is an amazing salt lake, Lake Katwe in Western Uganda which is close to the two twin lakes George and Edward. The Kazinga Channel joins the two lakes, makes an amazing boat cruise.

Spectacular Kalangala islands

Tucked inside Lake Victoria, are the beautiful islands of Kalangala. Located in central Uganda, the inviting sand beaches of the islands make it a great get away from the noisy cities. Getting to Kalangala is by ferry and speed boats. In these forested islands lies a hidden gem of Uganda’s beauty.

Over 1000 bird species

Lovers of birds will not miss visiting Uganda, the home of over 1000 bird species. Some pearls for the birder are the rare shoebill, the crested crane, Turacos and hornbills, 5 varieties of vultures and a great verities of raptors and sunbirds.All have their home in Uganda.

Uganda is a home of mountains

If mountaineering is your passion, Uganda offers you the best. Here you get the opportunity to scale the snow-capped and glacier gifted Rwenzori Mountains in the west of the country. The Rwenzori is Africa’s third highest summit and runs across Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Rwenzori mountain’s highest peak gives you a rare site of the crater lakes on the mountain and a glimpse of the two nations. Then there is mount Elgon also called Masaba Mountain in the east and Mount Muhavura in south west. All these mountains give different experiences to hikers and mountaineers.

The Nile River

Uganda boasts of being the source of the world’s second longest river, the Nile. In eastern Uganda, just 80km from Kampala sits Jinja town which is literally built on the banks of the Nile river and by the source of The Nile. Water rafting on, bungy jumping above and lounging in the cool ambience provided by the flowing water of the Nile make a visit to this part of Uganda is a very memorable life experience.

Water falls

Towards the north of Uganda lies the Murchison falls, part of the Nile. On the same river are Karuma falls and the Uhuru falls all inserted in between the country’s biggest national game park. Other falls include the Sezibwa falls in Mukono, just 40km from Kampala and Bulagala falls in Jinja on the Nile.

Tree climbing lions

It’s rare to have lions climbing trees. Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park especially the Ishasha sector is home to tree climbing lions, making this a tourist’s must visit conservation area. For most visitors to Uganda, seeing tree climbing lions is a highlight of their excursion.

Mountain gorillas

Uganda hosts 53% of the world’s mountain gorillas, total number of 1063 in the wild. Seeing these close relativs of man is a lifetime experience for many tourists. These gorillas are tucked in the south west of Uganda in the famous Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Parks.

The equator

The imaginary line that divides the world into two halves passes through Uganda. A visit to Uganda for many is incomplete without crossing the equator in central Uganda.

Over 53 crater lakes

Fort Portal town is Uganda’s headquarters of crater lakes. Get an opportunity to see these natural features some of which lie on top of the hills overlooking the game parks.

Accommodation facilities

You need not worry about this. In Uganda a tourist is nothing but spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation. There are luxury, standard and budget hotels and lodges spread across Uganda’s towns and national game parks. These are equipped with local and international foods, and drinks prepared in all desired forms.

Road Transport

Most highways leading to Uganda’s biggest national parks are tarmac. This makes movement for the travelers comfortable and fast. There are also small planes that can be charted between national parks.

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