Uganda is a home of natural beauty

Presenting Uganda

Uganda is amazing. Its abundant green countryside, its expansive crater lakes and rivers, its friendly people, its flora and fauna is simply unique. The beauty of Uganda is something you must experience yourself, it’s a beauty no story can retell.

The natural beauty of this East African country is manifested in it being the source of the Nile, Rwenzori mountains being the third highest in Africa and home to the famous Mountain Gorillas. These features and many others make Uganda one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Uganda’s hundreds of crater lakes and rivers, over 1100 bird species, savannah grasslands, rain forests, game parks, the equator, mountain gorillas, abundance of wildlife, the hospital people, various cultures, all add up to make Uganda even more amazing. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime travel experience Uganda is a dream destination.

Uganda’s ten national parks are filled with a variety of accommodation and great food, Lodges ranging from luxury, standard to budget. National parks, all habituating various species of wildlife and plants and scenery. The country has over a dozen wildlife reserves and sanctuaries.

Come and explore for yourself.

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