Welcome to Sayari Lodge

As an extension to Sayari Safaris we proudly present Sayari Lodge. Located on the rim of Kyangabi crater, just next to Queen Elisabeth National Park. Here we are building a retreat for your body and soul, with the intention for you to spend a few extra days and relax, be taken care of and enjoy the fantastic landscape, nature and scenery. A truly breathtaking experience.


Enjoy the surroundings, safari in Queen Elisabeth, see the nearby twin lakes, visit the waterfalls, caves and transparent crater-lake. In the evening, relax by our campfire, eat good and enjoy the environment.


  Our spacious rooms with all-natural elements of local wood, rocks and straw roof. Enjoy a barbeque by the campfire a drink in the bar or when in season, our homegrown mangoes, guavas, oranges and lemons and anything available from our own vegetable garden. If you are lucky get a taste of our small production of coffee and home picked chili.

Sayari Safaris East Africa