About Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Road Transport

Most highways leading to Uganda’s biggest national parks are tarmac. This makes movement for the travelers comfortable and enjoyable. Some destinations are more remote and takes a bit more “effort” to reach.

Peace and stability

Uganda is an oasis of peace in the Great lake’s region. For over 14 years all corners of Uganda have been experiencing peace, therefore a traveler to Uganda should not worry about the security of the country. All national game parks are well protected by game rangers. Boat cruises, gorilla and chimp tracking’s are all accompanied by rangers. Common sense for travelers is advisable, keep your valuables close and don’t leave cameras laying around.

Neighboring Countries

Uganda is bordered by countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. In fact, some national game parks share international borders with the neighboring countries. For example, Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori Mountains National Parks neighbors DR Congo while Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park are at the border with Rwanda. So, a tourist planning to cross over to any of the neighboring countries can take advantage of a visit to Uganda.

Updated security information for traveling in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan is advisable to get, however Uganda has not experienced any security threats due to turmoil in any neighboring country.


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